How to add and update a recovery email in your AOL account?

Aol mail has sorted the task of mailing on a professional as well as personal level. A huge number of users are using the web portal that provides online mailing services across the globe. Since you share emails that could be confidential, you surely do not want to lose it.Therefore, to secure your account, you must add a recovery email to your AoL Sign In mail account. This prevents you from being locked. To add a privacy level, follow steps to add a recovery email.

Aol Sign In

How to add a recovery email address?

  1. Visit the official AOL page and go for Aol Sign In
  2. From the setting section, click Add recovery email address option
  3. Type in an existing email address dissimilar to your running AOL account email ID
  4. Once done, click on Send verification email
  5. You will receive a recovery email address or link on the ID you provided
  6. Click on the link and follow the prompts to verify the email address
  7. A confirmation message will appear as you complete the process

You have successfully added your email address to your Aol account, which will help you to recover it easily if you fail to complete the Aol Sign In process. This supplements a necessary security level to your account when your password is lost or any other problem takes place.

On the other hand, if you want to change your recovery email address, you need to update it with the older one. Find the instructions to update the information.

How to update your recovery email address?

  1. Do Aol Email Sign In
  2. Go to the settings section and click Email addresses
  3. Select Add recovery email address option
  4. Type in an existing email address dissimilar to your AoL account email ID
  5. Click and Send verification email

You will receive a verification email on your recovery email address you added previously. This helps you recover your AOL email even if you have changed to a new email address.

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