How to convert your paid AOL Account into a free account?

AOL login or American Online Services is regarded as the one of the top-most as well as the oldest of all email services.  It supports a global platform for its services, products, and for the digital distribution of content.

Now AOL is focusing more on its search engine and targeting specific niche audiences, to get more popular in the market. It has come up with the new strategy to promote their subscription-based services.

If you are using the internet connection and you’re using or subscribe to AOL paid account then there is good news for you, as you can now convert your paid subscription to free one. You either need to switch or you have to continue with the monthly payment.

In case you have any doubt with its working process, whether it will work properly or not, whether there will be any technical issues, and many other such things then get full assurance about its smooth working or functioning.

However, this will deprive you of all the advantages of security software solution for email protection as well as from the live technical support team. But what matter most is your expenses that now cut short.

In this article, learn about the free AOL account and how to switch or convert from paid version to free.

Follow the steps as listed below in order to convert your AOL Account into free account-

  1. Direct to AOL My Account

Type your correct username and password for AOL Login and click on the ‘Sign in’ option.

  1. Direct to AOL My Account
  2. You need to answer to all account security question and select the ‘Continue’ option.
  3. Choose ‘Manage My Subscriptions’ under Services options.
  4. Click on the ‘Cancel Billing’ link below the AOL subscription.
  5. Re-check the confirmation page- in order to switch to any cheap price plan rather than going for cancellation.
  6. If you wish to cancel then select a reason from the drop-down list. Click on the ‘Cancel my billing’, AOL paid account will get cancel.
  7. You can contact customer helpline number of AOL to get assistance regarding changing the plan.

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