How to manage AOL Mail and Calendar Reminder Delivery Preferences?

AOL mail is a web-based email service, which is available at no cost. Apart from allowing a user send and receive emails, AOL sign in mail comes up with a plethora of other exciting features that makes it easy to use. The reminder preferences of the mail delivery can be simply managed at; whereas, to manage the calendar reminder delivery preferences, you need to visit In this article, I have provided you the stepwise procedure to manage both these preferences. Have a look:

Aol Sign up

  • Calendar Reminder Preferences

  1. As aforementioned, go for AOL sign in
  2. Click Options available in the upper right corner just below to your username
  3. Now, hit Settings
  4. Click the checkbox available just next to your desired reminder method
  5. Save Settings

Please note you can also manage your calendar reminder settings by logging in to and then clicking Options and now hit Mail Settings. Now click Calendar and then from the reminder options, choose your preferences.

  • Mail Reminder Preferences

  1. Visit and log in to your AOL mail account
    1. If you don’t have an account then do the AOL email sign up or AOL sign up
  2. Click Options below to your username and then hit Mail Settings
  3. Click Filters and Alerts
  4. From the list of your existing mail filters, hover the mouse pointer over the filter that you want to edit
  5. Now, click the Edit link
  6. Hit the Checkbox in front of your preferred alert method or your preferences
  7. Hit Save
  8. It’s done!

You can also manage or modify your mail reminder preferences by signing in to To manage, follow these instructions:

  1. Click Options
  2. Hit Mail Settings
  3. Click Calendar
  4. Choose the reminder options from the main window!

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