Top 3 AOL app features and the steps to use them!

AOL, the well-renowned web services provider also renders its services for the mobile phone users. You can easily download the AOL app on your Android or iOS device. Downloading and using the AOL application won’t cost you anything. All you need to do is:

  • Visit the Google PlayStore
  • Type AOL in the search bar
  • From the search results displayed, click Install in front of the AOL app
  • Wait until the installation and download process finishes!

Now, you can go for AOL email sign up by entering the required details

You can also sync this app with the Gmail account that is already there on your smartphone. For this, you have to simply open the Gmail application, tap the Menu button, and then go to the Settings. Thereafter, choose Add Account then Personal and in the last, enter your AOL email address. Hit Next and provide your password for AOL email sign in. You can now access your AOL mail account.

This mail is backed up with a plethora of features to make it user-friendly. Here, in this article, we have provided you a list a few exciting features that can help you make the most of this amazing AOL application. Have a look:

Aol Sign inVideo Channel

Steps to use it-:

  • Open the AOL app and tap the video button
  • Now, tap the menu button in the upper left corner
  • Choose the desired video channel here

Video Autoplay Settings

Steps to use it-:

  • In the bottom navigation menu bar, tap the Gear or Settings icon
  • Now, tap Video Autoplay
  • Use this Video Autoplay Slider to turn on or off this setting
    • White color of the slider means the Video Autoplay setting is on
    • Blue color of the slider means the Video Autoplay setting is off

Weather Location

  • Tap the Settings icon in the bottom navigation menu
  • Select Weather under App Settings
  • Provide the location you want to change in the right field

During AOL email sign in, sign up, sending/receiving emails, if you find any difficulty then connect to the AOL customer support team.

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